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The Mystery of the 13th Coin

by Mary Gordon Kerr

When Trip and his best friend, Sam find a mysterious silver coin in the weed-infested grounds of an old, abandoned South Carolina plantation, they are fascinated by the strange symbols and words engraved on its surface. Where did it come from? How did it get there? What does it mean? Soon after they recruit their friend, Emily, to help them answer those questions, the three friends are thrust into a series of adventures that takes them back in time. A magic well, pirates, hidden treasure, a gigantic talking hawk and survival on a remote island in the South Carolina Lowcountry are just a few of the things they face as they try to solve the Mystery of the 13th coin.

ISBN: 978-0-9802010-1-7

AGES 8-12

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What Lies Beneath the Whirlpool of Time

Robert Sweeney is curious when he finds a mysterious bottle bobbing in the surf off Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina. His curiosity intensifies when he spots something inside the bottle, but finds the swollen cork impossible to remove. When Rob decides to bring the mysterious bottle on his class field trip to the Charleston Maritime Museum, he begins to discover that the bottle is anything but ordinary, and that someone in the museum will do anything to get it. Rob is joined by friends, Joey and Caroline, and nemesis, Freddy, as they begin to uncover a plot that stretches across time and history from the hills of West Tennessee to the banks of Charleston Harbor. 

AGES 8 to 12

ISBN: 978-0-9802010-2-4

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